Why I started

I started this blog about stilettoes because me and my girlfriends are all about fashionable high heels.  When we get together it is always asked what are you going to wear and what shoes.  So I thought I start this blog to share some fashionable shoes that HeelsquadInc., has to offer.  Please feel free to share what type of shoes you would like to see us offer and we will do our best to get them for you!


Black Heels are EVERYTHING!!

Have you ever wonder  when you are shopping for the perfect heel you always go to a black one? Black is sleek and it always go with everything. I cannot tell you how many pairs of black shoes I have. Oh and don’t go to a theme party wear you have to wear all black, then the struggle is real because you have so many to choose from. When in doubt always go to http://www.heelsquad.com. They have the best in fashionable black high heels!

Why Stilettoes?

I really have a passion for a certain style of shoe….. YES STILLETOES!!! I believe there are so many fashionable styles that make women as early as 18 feel a certain way.  When women walk in these shoes, they feel sexy in the way they strut! They also tend to tell a lot about a women in the type of shoe she wears and how she exude her sexiness.  So why stilettoes? Because a woman may one day feel like she is a girl in Sex in the City or feeling like The Devil Wears Prada.  They give you a distinct uniqueness about a woman’s attitude!